United Way of Greater Newark’s Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

United Way of Greater Newark is proud to be a model of and a champion for diversity and inclusion. Our Board, staff, partners and volunteers reflect the cultures, ideas, views and values that comprise our 13-municipality network. For nearly 100 years, United Way of Greater Newark has been committed to supporting and improving the lives of our residents, working tirelessly to disrupt the cycle of poverty by convening, collaborating and investing in strategies that ensure equal opportunities and improve outcomes for children and families. Bringing diverse groups and individuals together has allowed us to collectively and more effectively address these issues. 

Today, diversity and inclusion remain core pillars of our work building robust and resilient communities across Greater Newark where citizens feel empowered to embrace their unique characteristics and celebrate what makes them who they are. It is only when we work together that we can create opportunities where everyone can thrive and LIVE UNITED.

This unprecedented year has shone a light on the racism, discrimination, violence, and xenophobia that have existed in our country for centuries and that members of our communities have had to face on a daily basis. At United Way of Greater Newark, we believe every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect – no matter their backgrounds, identities or the colors of their skin. Now more than ever, we are steadfast in our commitment to make the communities across our 13-municipality network more just, inclusive, and fair places to live.

When we all come together with dignity, love, and respect, we are all able to thrive and LIVE UNITED.

Message from United Way of Greater Newark’s Board of Trustees and

Catherine P. Wilson, President & CEO

While many of us are eager to put last year behind us, members of our community, including families and small business owners, are facing increased economic hardships. During these times, we have an opportunity to support one another, even as we stay physically apart. Right here in Newark, there are various opportunities to lend a hand, and I’d encourage everyone who can to participate. You can volunteer (socially distanced, while wearing a mask), donate food to your local food pantry or clothes you’re no longer wearing, send a care package to a loved one, or make a donation to a local nonprofit organization. No act of service is too small.

At United Way of Greater Newark, we will continue to be committed to the safety and well-being of community members across our 13-municipality network, and we are grateful to our volunteers, donors and partners for their continued support during these uncertain times. It is with the strength, dedication, and resilience that we will continue to support the community and make it through these hard times together, always honoring our promise to LIVE UNITED in 2021 and beyond.


In order to support the community and our non-profit partners during the COVID-19 crisis, we have established The Community COVID-19 Fund. 

UWGN is regularly monitoring the situation and will be updating this page as new information and resources become available.


To disrupt the cycle of poverty by convening, collaborating and investing in strategies to improve outcomes for children and families. 


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Through generous giving and personal commitment we are transforming live today while laying the foundation for the future.



"The food helped me and my family very much. I was excited to hear that my application was accepted and that the food was going to be brought to my house. My husband recently had a stroke, so I have not left his side since then. Being that I take care of his every need it has been hard for me to go out and buy groceries. I didn’t want to leave him alone, and I didn’t want to put myself at risk of being exposed to the virus. My husband's medical conditions also have brought hardship financially to the family, so this food distribution helped us immensely. Thank you all so much for the work that you do and god bless you all." Mrs. Velez, Newark resident- Newark resident


"The [Small Business] grant [I received] was more than a boost, it was a lifeline or – better yet – a rebirth of what appeared to gone. Tonnie’s Minis did everything it could to remain normal over the last few months from donations to deliveries, but everyday holding on with a consistent smile. Well, the award letter brought more than a smile, it brought tears of joy that lead to what has felt like a new beginning." Tonnie Rozier - Owner and CEO of Tonnie's Minis


At United Way of Greater Newark, we believe in full transparency with our constituency. Click here to view reports of our efforts.