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United Way of Greater Newark Is Celebrating 100 Years Of Community Service

United Way Of Newark Is Celebrating 100 Years Of Community Engagement and poverty alleviation efforts in Newark and our 13 municipalities. We are commemorating our last 100 years of community outreach with a year of fundraising, networking, and celebratory events in Newark and beyond. This year, we kicked off our centennial events with a $1 million pledge Capital Campaign to be distributed over the next 5 years. In February, we hosted our annual Celebrity Read event, and in March, we hosted our 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast. We will conclude the celebration in October with our Centennial Gala at the historical Newark Museum. 

We’re Honored To Work With
These Centennial Year Sponsors:

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Become a Sponsor For Our
Centennial Celebration This Year

 If you’d like to join us in our efforts of convening, collaborating and investing in strategies to help children and families of greater Newark, consider becoming a sponsor for our centennial celebration events this year. Businesses and individuals can sponsor us at the small business, non-profit, or corporate levels in order to support our continued work through the three pillars of health, financial stability, and education for Newark-area families. Each level of sponsorship awards the sponsor recognition and attendance at each of our centennial events, including the Celebrity Read event, Women’s Breakfast, and October’s Centennial Gala. We would be honored to welcome you as our partner in our poverty alleviation campaigns and honored guests at each event.

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Sponsorship Tiers

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