Dear Volunteers,

On behalf of United of Essex and West Hudson (UWEWH), I extend this sincere word of appreciation to you for your tireless efforts in investing your time and talents to those in our communities. Through your efforts, you have provided assistance to those who are less fortunate, built literacy and knowledge among our children, increased self-esteem and provided motivation for personal growth to our youth and young adults, as well as assisted organizations with your expertise and knowledge in various areas of their work. We appreciate you for partnering with UWEWH to build stronger and healthier communities in Essex and West Hudson and surrounding areas.

Catherine Wilson
President and Chief Executive Officer
United Way of Essex and West Hudson

Champion Volunteers

Robyn M. Pitts

Robyn M. Pitts is an experienced business leader with more than 25 years in the technology industry at Microsoft Corporation and Lotus Development Corporation. While at Microsoft, she served as a Global Business Consultant, managing clients in the hospitality, financial services, and healthcare industries. She spearheaded the Microsoft Student Technology program in conjunction with United Way of Essex and West Hudson. For this effort, she received the distinguished “Community Service and Arts Initiatives” award from Microsoft. For the past 18 years, she has been a dedicated volunteer at United Way, both in Washington State and New Jersey. She is a member of the Board of Trustees for United Way of Essex and West Hudson, where she has chaired several flagship fundraisers. She is currently Chair of Board Governance and Development and Women United, formerly known as the Women’s Leadership Council, and serves on the Resource Development Committee. She has helped raise almost $1 million to support community programs for HIV/AIDS awareness, early childhood development, literacy, and financial stability. In 2015, she received the Legends & Legacies Award. In 2012, she was recognized for her outstanding leadership as the Chair for the Night of Miracles Gala. In 2008, Robyn received the Women’s Philanthropy Award for her years of dedication to United Way. She has also worked closely with the American Cancer Society, and in 2006 and 2007, she received the Pace Setter Fundraising Award for raising over $20K for breast cancer research.

Jeanette Marable

Jeanette Marable was employed at the Prudential for 37 years until her retirement in 1994. Ms. Marable’s history with United Way of Essex and West Hudson (UWEWH) started as a Loan Executive from Prudential in 1990 as well as assisted with reviewing grants. After her retirement, she continued her partnership with UWEWH and for 23 years she has taken on the role of staff volunteer for the Annual Celebrity Read Program. Her love for the program comes for the joy on the children’s and volunteer’s faces as they enjoy the love of reading. Not only does she volunteer with UWEWH; but for the past 19 years, she also volunteers with NJPAC, Community Food Bank of N.J., and various projects at Jersey Cares.

“I enjoy interacting with people; and because of that, I find volunteering to be rewarding and I do it to make a difference.”

Phil Seelinger

Phil Seelinger works for the Newark Fire Department as Program Development Specialist Community Service. He has been in this role for 13 years after holding other positions with the city for the previous 8 years. He has participated in United Way of Essex and West Hudson’s Annual Celebrity Read program for 12 years. In February 2018, Mr. Seelinger has hit a great milestone by attending 102 schools during his time as a celebrity reader. In his office, he displays the many certificates he has received from the schools. He also volunteers for the United States Army, Administrative Office of the Courts, the Newark School Board, Read Across America, Phil Seelinger Civic Association, Cura, Eastside Community Center, and District Leader.

“I volunteer because I am giving back and everyone needs help sometime, and it’s a great feeling.”

Damian Soja

Damian Soja is currently a senior at Rutgers Business School in Newark with a major in accounting. Mr. Soja volunteers for United Way of Essex and West Hudson’s VITA program and finds that it gives him an opportunity to improve his communication skills as well as participate first-hand in the tax preparation process. His career goal is to use his degree in accounting to work within the tax field. This program provides him with the necessary experience of the various aspects that go into individual income tax returns.

“I am happy to have had the chance to work with all the various volunteers as the program lets me build my relations with others who are interested in the same field”.

Karina Reyes

Karina Reyes is currently a student at Berkeley College and in May 2018, she will be receiving her Bachelor Degree in Accounting. By volunteering with United Way of Essex and West Hudson’s VITA program, she’s had an opportunity to complete her internship. Working with people is one of her passions and preparing taxes is something that she’s always wanted to do as part of her career.

“I see it as an honor to be part of this program and have to say that I have learned a lot from my supervisor and peers.”

Our Corporate Volunteer Champion is “Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey”. The employees at Horizon have participated in numerous volunteer opportunities with and through United Way of Essex and West Hudson. Employees have come out in record numbers to read to children through our Annual Celebrity Read program, rolled up their sleeves at various non-profits to assist with the revitalization of a facility, beautification of the grounds, hosting toy drives for the holidays, making halloween safe and fun, serving meals to the homeless, and much, much more. Horizon’s employees stand true to their promise to strengthen their bond with the multifaceted communities they serve; and we thank them for allowing United Way of Essex and West Hudson an opportunity to be part of that journey.

UWEWH thanks you all for volunteering!

Abdul-Ghani, Husan-Iddin
Abdus-Sabur, Hassan
Abebamowo, Alisa
Acakios, Adrian
Acosta, Rev. Jorge
Adams, Gerard
Adebowale, Oladimeji
Adegesin, Adebisi
Aderibigbe, Victoria
Adeyomone, Oluwole
Aibbs, James
Aiyor, Chitra
Ajayi, Ayoade
Akerele, Diana
Albrechi, Wolfgang
Alfieri, Joseph
Alicea, Shazam
Aliche, Tiffany
Allen, Janeisha
Allwood, Monique
Alonge, Vincent
Alum, Maria
Amenta, April
Amin, Nadira
Anderson, Jamie
Anderson, Latifa
Andrews, Sasha
Annan, Naakaa
Antoine, Kira
Araromi, Olutosin (Ola)
Asante, Bonbauv
Austin, R.
Austin, Sherrill
Aviles, Armando
Axt, Tamalois
Baker, Jacquetta
Baker, Heidi
Baker-Jones, Tauheedah
Balen, Aim
Balon, Elizabeth
Banatte, Lorie
Banks, Anna
Banks, Shaneka
Baquerizo, Humberto
Barahona, Luisa
Baraka, Obalaji
Barnett, Karla
Barrett, Anna
Barrezueta, Christian
Barrezueta, Janely
Barroso, Juan
Bartlett, Sandra
Basciano, Kim
Bates, Queen
Bayle, Cristin
Bayoh, Adenah
Bearg, Debbie
Beasley, Roxie
Beau, Dr.
Beckett, Jeffrey
Bell, Josiah
Bell, Shelly
Bennett, Andre`
Bennett, Anna
Bennett, Antionette
Beran, Esq., Richard
Blake, Amanda
Blanks, Alicia
Blas, Jacqueline
Bleelce, Amanda
Blood, Patte
Bond, Gladys
Bonilla, Joe
Borges, Elizabeth
Bowen, Jennifer
Bowen, Tecumsa
Boyd, Lunic
Branco, Rosa
Brashear, Sorraya
Breuen, Robert
Brown, Darlene
Brown, Derrick
Brown, Eric
Brown-Garren, Veleria
Brunja, Pamela
Brusherd, Katrina
Brut, P.
Bryant, Alison
Bryant, Pamela
Bucco, Walter
Burgess, Jean
Burney, Mark
Burroughs, Dr. Stephanie
Burt, Deborah
Burton, Ashley
Burton, Tanya
Burwell, Brenda
Bustamante, Denise
Cabot, Josh
Cacere, Lauva
Cacoilo, Michael
Cafarro, Delia
Cage, Babara
Cage, James
Caguana, Trancito
Caicedo, David
Caldwell, Basimah
Camacho, Ava
Campos, Anthony
Canuso, Roger
Capellan, Nayibe
Carson, Bettye
Carson, Charlynne
Carson, Kessa
Carter, Kathy
Carter, Peter
Cartor, Bonnie
Casey, Bill
Castillo, Ashley
Castillo, Maritza
Ceus, Muldride
Chakrabarty, S.
Chark, Pat
Chavez, Irma
Cheatham, Altis
Chen, Dan
Chow, Chandra
Cirilo, Victor
Clark, Pat
Clarke, Pamela
Cobb, Lorraine
Cole, Jr., Pastor Robert
Coley, Delinda
Collins, Catherine
Collins, Deborah
Colon-Blacknall, Liseberde
Colwell, Jerome
Connell, Melody
Cooper, Karen
Coppolo, Michael
Cordon, Sendy
Corum, Penny
Costa, Martinque
Costa, Tina
Counts, Monique
Covington, Shakur
Craig, Harvey
Cramer, Julie
Crawford, Nancy
Crenshaw, Trooper
Crombie, Rosie
Crosby, Shawn
Crump, Mildred C.
Cubeiro, Begoña
Cunningham, Kimberly
Cunningham, Margaret
Curry, Lydia
DaConceicao, Brianne
Damico, Donna
Danatzko, Sharon
Daniels, Alfreda
Daniels, Ezekiel
Daniels, Monee
Daniels, Mustafa
Dargan, Latonya
Davis, Minnie
Davis, Michael
Dawson, Michael
Dazalma, Elsies
De Nose, Dan
DeBlock, Henry
Degbe, Koffie
Delaney, Tiffany
DelGrosso, James
DelRosario, Yessica
Delvalle, Juan
Denchi, Gwen
Denize, Izabelle
Desai, Supriya
Devone, Barry
Diakite, Mohamed
Digesere, Kathy
Dixon, Henry
Doctry, Latia
Dodson, Maureen
Dolisca, Richard
Dorcelian, Marie
Dore, Dayveon
Drew, Milton
Drinkard, Sasha
Droule, Reerve
Duesan, Supniya
Duke-Jackson, Kathy
Dukureh, Haja
Dunn, Ameerah
Dunnel, Naome
Dunns, Shanell
Duroseau, Estania
Earp, Doris
Eason, Tency
Eaton-Dwyer, Heather
Edgerton, Roslyn
Edmond, Dawn
Edrington, L.
Eglow, Allison
El.Amin, Muta
Eley, C.
Elsherif, Eman
Eriksson, Gabriel
Errar, Neil
Escdar, Mana
Estrella, Lorena
Esty, Diane
Etienne, Edlena
Evangelista, Giuliana
Everett, Bryan
Fais, Cari
Falconer-Nanton, Allison
Faulknor, Dr. Mavis
Featherstone, Natasha
Febus, Damaris
Felder, Alysia
Felder, Crug
Felton, F.F. Kenneth
Ferrell, Taniyah
Fields, Geraldine
Finkelstein, Theresa
Fisher, Kristi
Flagg, Diana
Flores, Teresa
Ford, Kim
Fortune, Tyisha
Foushee, Sharon
Franklin, Keston
Fraser, Raquel
Fraser, Vivian
Frazier, Renee
Frazier, Ruth
Frazier, Shanee
Frazier, Aaron
Fudge, Elizabeth
Fuller, Karen
Gadeihuo, Dr.Alessa
Gallegos, Nicole
Gambardella, Linda
Gantz, Owen
Gardenhire, Dr. Alissa
Gardenhire-Mills, Barbara Anne
Garner, Craig
Garrido, Naya
Garruto, Emil
Gaskins, Regenae
Gaudenhue, Dr.Allesa
Gedeon, Bianka
Gelfand, Alan
Genovese, Hillary
George, Lynella
George, Navella
George-Wimberly, Ranena
Gerstein, Stephanie
Gibbs, Tyneisha
Gibbs, James
Gilbride, Danielle
Giles, Eleanor
Gill, Rosario
Giraldo, Alejandra
Glass, Yasche
Glover, Erskine
Godfrey, Peter
Gokool, Glenda
Golden, Eric
Golembeski, Cynthia
Gomez, Julie
Gomez, Amelia
Gonzalez, Wendy
Gonzalez, Eogardo
Goode, Candace
Goodwin, Daryl
Grace-Fields, Helen
Graham, Derrick
Graham, Driicky
Granato, Carolyn
Grant, Jerry
Graves-Watson, Nicole
Green, Nia
Green, Yulanda
Greene, Tim
Gregory, Robert
Grier, Trooper
Griffith, Kamali
Grimm, Noelle
Gronemann, Kenneth
Guerra, Johan
Guerrero, Johnny
Guirand, Phillippe
Gutierrez, Sara
Guzman, Zulma
Hagg, Khyriyyah
Hall, Erica
Hanson, Brianna
Harden, Jasmine
Harmon, Kevin
Harrington, Daryl
Harris, Marilyn
Hartigan, Mark
Heacock, Paula
Hendrix, Jamie
Hernandez, Adriana
Hernandez, Raul
Hester, Jeanette
Hicks-Wray, Regina
Hobbs, Wilda
Hobson, Jordan
Hodges, Alnise
Holloway, Zianejah
Holman, David
Holmes, Gary M.
Holton, Yasmin
Holzemer, Dr. William
Hooks, Sylvia
Hopkins, Haniyyah
Hordge, Shadiquah
Housell, Todd
Howard, Dr. Paula
Hudley, Dr. October
Hueitas, Carmelo
Hughes, Kldeejah
Hughes, Rosemary
Hughes, Towanna
Hughes, Thomas
Hunt, Diane
Hunter, Gale
Hunter, Shontel
Hurtado, Brianna
Hutchinson, Denise
Hyde, Michael
Hylton, Amina
Hyppolite, Jr., Mac
Iacobacu, Gary
Idris, Khalil
Ifozue, Kingslay
Imeri, Michelle
Irvin, Deborah
Israel, Ketleen
Ivanchuk, Nataliya
Ivqon, Ayesh
Jackson, Milton
James, Barbara
James, Eric
James, Jean
James-Frison, Allison
Jasey, Vanessa
Jean-Paul, Christines
Jenkins, Carol
Jennings, Anthony
Jennyl, Tony
Joblonski, Suzanne
Johnson, Andrea
Johnson, Anthony
Johnson, Aziz
Johnson, Paul
Johnson, Serrietta
Johnson, Eddie
Johnson, Authony
Johnson, Tish
Jones, Dashon
Jones, Denise
Jones, Norma
Jones, Roxanne
Jones, Shamecha
Jones, Tyquan
Jordan, Caitlin
Jordan, Jade
Jordan, Juanita
Joseph, Heather
Joseph-Williams, Pamela
Josma, Nethaniah
Julian, Bettyna
Juliano, Joseph
Kelly, Dupre
Kelly, Merolyn
Kelstein, Theresa
Kerr-Frazier, Thereon
Khatun, Afia
King, Inez
King, Isaac
Kinston, Dewayne
Kosydai, John
Kruges, Elena
Krysa, Paula
Lafleur, B.
Lance, Bajanae
Lane, Michelle
Lane IV, George
Langston, Tiffany
Lanier, Quanesa
Larkins, Z’Anniyyah
Larsen, Clifton
Lassiter, Kiana
Lavan, Maryann
Lawrence, Paul
Lawrence, Maureen
Layton, Alyce
Ledpyt, Pierrpesy
Leight, Jody
Levy, Stacy
Lewis, Amy
Lewis, Carleton
Lewis, Monica
Lewis-Walker, Andrea
Lieberman, Marissa
Liebman, Burt
Liebman, Mada
Linares, Cecilia
Linehouse, Jacqueline
Littereric, Anthony
Little, Morgan
Livsey, Nia
Lopez, Alyssa
Lopez, Jasmine
Lopez, Maritza
Love, Valerie
Lowinger, Richard
Luberto, Adrienne
Lucas, Qariah
Luthers, Andrea
M., Jacouczini
Mack, Lisa
Mainor, Charles
Maio-Messano, Maria
Malcolm, Tenisha
Malebranch, Gareth
Malebranche, Gareth
Malhotra, Nitin
Malone, Hadiyah
Maly, Sean
Manatte, Lorie
Marable, Valerie
Marable, Jeanette
Marcus, Hannah
Martin, Maria
Martin, Mary
Martin, Tashia
Martinez, Christine
Martinez, Francis
Martinez, Omar
Martins, Temi
Maseko, Jerisa
Mason, Andrea
Mastandrea, Joseph
Matias, DeNiqua
Matthews, Tanya
Matthews, Tonnia
Maurer, F.F.
Maurice, Farrah
Mayer, Shakia
McCarthy, Raymond
McCarthy, Janet
McEachin, Jaleesa
McKay, Lenin
McKinnis, Qadrriyyah
McMilian, Peggy
McNeil, Deborah
McSorley, Scott
Mendoza, Vanessa
Mendoza, Angela
Mendoza, Irene
Menmin, Authony
Mercado, Robert
Messer, Charlene
Mestre, Ana
Meza, Katharine
Michel, Wandalynn
Mictrel, Wolfereger
Miller, Alnisa
Miller, Susan
Mims, Briggette
Mitchell, Carletta
Mitchell, Lena
Molina, Omayra
Monk, B.
Montague, Sheila
Montigue, Tia D.
Moore, Bethea
Moore, Sparkle
Moore, Sparkle
Morales, Gabriela
Morales, Lissette
Morell, Shahira
Moreno, Leslie
Moriarty, Christopher
Morris, Walter
Mosley, Rose
Mozee, M.
Muhammad, Keturah
Muhammad, #NAME?
Muhammad, Zakia
Muniz, Margarita
Murdock, Bryan
Nash, Lorenzo
Nedd, Adassa
Nellegar, Tim
Neves, Daniel
Newell, Laurie
Nickerson, Valerie
Nieves, Wanda
Nixon, Cristina
Nixon-Walker, Alfreda
Njaye, Sitan
Njaye, Shan
Norris, Jim
North, Jihaad
Nunez, Anthony
O’Brien, Megan
O’Dowd, F.F.
OfasuAmaah, F. Nana
Oguje, Comfort B.
Ogunleye, Bosede
Ojo, Ifo
Olayinka, Funke
Olivo, Amarilys
Onukogu, Ezinne
Onyeani, Loretta
Onyekachi, Obiwuru
Orta, Kendra
Osbourne, Edward
Osondu, Chinwe
Ouedraogo, Sally
Oyeleke, Kemi
Oziro, Stephanie
Paden, Harry
Page, Elijah
Page, Gloria
Page, Trea
Palacios, Julia
Paolello, Geradine
Parris, J.
Patel, Kevin
Patino, John
Patterson, Janet
Patterson-Pearson, Elizabeth
Pearson, Kim
Pena, Sara
Pena, Tatiana
Peppers, Rasheen
Peppers, Yasin
Pereira, Maria
Perez, Anaida
Perez, Devin
Perez, Emily
Perrella, Michele
Peterson, Lorrie
Petty, Patricia
Phillilps, Wannetta
Pichinin, Karen
Picket, Joyce
Pierre, Jennifer
Pierrilus, Nicoo
Pilgrim, Hazeline
Pimentel, Sarah
Piperata, Brad
Pitts, Robyn
Pizorro, Pablo
Pizzuta, Lisa
Polk, Danielle
Powell, Matt
Pride, Hasan
Proenza, Magaly
Prothro, Adrienne
Pullins, Junita
Pyle, Joan
Quinones, Armando
Quinones, Nathaniel
Quren, Leah
Rabar, Alex
Ragin, Lena
Ragland, Glenn
Rahaman, Tiffiney
Ramirez, Grace
Ramirez, Wendy
Ramos, Keylin
Ramos, Jr., Anibal
Randall, TROY
Raphael, Rudmilla
Ratherford, Savah
Rawls, Roseann
Ray, Damon
Rayam, Doreen
Reisman, Barbara
Remedios, Tamara
Reyes, Anita
Reyes, Framcisco
Reyes, Karina
Reynolds, Elnoria
Rich, Shantae
Rich, Jr., John T
Rios, Juan
Ripp, Laura
Rivera, Jimmy
Rivera, Michael
Roberts, Lynn
Roberts, Scherrie
Robinson, Andre
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Jodi
Robinson, Rick
Rodrigues, Michele
Rodriguez, Domingo
Rodriguez, Catalina
Rodriguez, Nelson
Rogers, Cray
Roldan, Brian
Romagnola, Deborah
Romano-Dunbar, Melanie
Romanowski, Ryan
Rosales, Brandon
Ross, Sabrina
Rossi, Anthony
Roth, Sarah
Rubenstein, Evan
Ruiz, Jacqueline
S., Miraj
Saenz, Melissa
Salas, Gloria
Salema, Conceicao
San, Seaa
Sanchez, Dimerys
Sanchez, Siani
Sanoe, M.
Santiago, Agnes
Santoni, Norma
Santos, Alberto
Santos, Dr. K.R.
Santos, Niolka
Schawn, Joseph
Scheets, Eileen
Schwartz, Karl
Scott, F.F.
Scoty, Andres
Seabrooks, Tareese
Sebastiano, Michael
Seda, Joanna
Seelinger, Jr., Phil
Semiday, Jay
Seymore, Jasmine
Shah, Shreya
Shannon, Roberta
Sharif, Jihadah
Shaw, Darlene
Sheridan, Amanda
Sherman, Al-Nisa
Sherrerel, Rhaatim
Shiano, James
Shine, Diamond
Silas, Khyree
Silva, Mariana
Silverio, Jessenia
Simidy, Jamar
Simmons, Joyce
Simpkins, Ginnene
Simpson, Kenneth
Sims, Deborah
Sinclair, Karen
Singh, Amrita
Smith, Alexis
Smith, Basheer
Smith, Colleen
Smith, Nydjria
Smith, Patricia
Smith, Renaee
Smith, Sean
Smith, Shaniqua
Smith, Wayne
Smith-Stephenson, Patricia
Smutko, Erica
Soete, Cynthia
Soja, Damian
Soliman, Katiria
Soriano, Janice
Spencer, Raymond
Sprague, Gailmarie
Spratley, Merline
St. Jean, Destiny
Stevens, Claire
Stewart, Kayleon
Stewart, Kerneel
Stewart, Leonard
Stewart, Tamara
Stnckland, Cee
Stokes, Yolanda
Streeter, Ira
Strickland, Cee
Sweet, Megan
Swiney, Shadeequa
Szabo, Melissa
Tacuncil-jodyz, Maria
Tam, Brendan
Tarentino, Frank
Tay, Whitney
Taylor, Sandye
Taylor, III, Lester
Tchalabi, Jayme
Tejeda, Josmar
Tesilm, T.
Thomas, Ciara
Thomas, James
Thomas, Robin
Thomas, Tanya
Thomas, Tracey
Thompson, Raquel
Tigeleiro, Melissa
Tillyer, Aimee
Tobin, Thomas
Tolbert, Willie
Tomczak, Glenn
Tonbent, Wihie
Tranquada, Warren
Trenchfield, Yvonne
Triola, Bonita
Tuck-Corley, Jeirdre
Tucker, Shirley
Tucker, Tarrick
Tucker, Tonya
Tucker, David
Twmineg, Miriam
Uebbing, Annemarie
Valentin JR, Carlos
Valenzuela, Edivict
Vaughan, Gerald
Vega, Jacqueline
Velez, Dinoriah
Velez, Katalin
Venezia, Lou
Verenna-Doebbeling, Peggy
Vieira, Andrea
Vigo, Victor
Villa, Margarita
Villafuerte, Christine
Vizcaino, Cesar A.
Volcy, Darly
W., Kenneth
Wade, Jaymee
Walken, Aaron
Walker, Quintanna
Walker, Marion
Walker-McCall, Deborah
Ward, Sharese
Ward, Angel
Ward, Sherese
Warren, Mayor Dwayne
Warrier, Shritu
Washington, James
Washington, Sonja
Watson, Dolores
Weck, Bob
Weiland, Barbara
Weiner, David H.
West, Kevin
Westin, Christine
Weston-Bell, Valerie
White, Lurene
White, Marilyn
White, Tiffany
White, William
White-Muhammad, Cynthina
Whitley, Christine
Whitten, Richard
Whittinghorn, Esther
Whyle, Tavaughn
Wiggins, Milderd
Wilcox, James
Wilkerson, Susan
Williams, Denise
Williams, Ingrid
Williams, LaQuanda
Williams, Lilisa
Williams, Malisa
Williams, Mona
Williams, Richard
Williams, Robin
Williams, Sha’Rita
Williams, Tara
Williams, Theresa
Williams, Yolanda
Williams-Harrington, Tara
Williamson, Gregory
Williamson, Lashauna
Wilson, Lucille
Wilson, Patricia
Winbush, Voncia
Winkler, Maury
Womack, Nigeria
Woolston, Krystal
Wright, Baiyinah
Yalaka, Vineeth
Yang, Ying
Youmans, Maurice
Young, Dorothy
Younis, Aisha
Yublonsky, Steven
Zaucha, Marianne
Zopata, Kelly
Zuckerberg, Jon
Zulauf, Becky