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United Way of Greater Newark empowers residents in our 14 municipalities (Essex and Hudson counties) to live healthier lives with access to quality education and opportunities for economic advancement through our four pillars of childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, and access to health. Through our leadership and partnerships, we serve as a conduit for government, funders, and corporations to make positive impact. We purposefully partner, gain support and leverage our relationships to invest back into our communities.


The struggles of those living in the communities within our footprint are interconnected, and we’re focused on addressing them holistically. Financial instability has a substantiated impact on the health and longevity of low-income individuals and can negatively effect the long-term education success of children and adults. Improved financial well-being leads to stronger, healthier households. A healthier household—economically and physically—directly correlates to reduced absenteeism and higher graduation rates. When the root causes of inequities are addressed, rather than deemed the result of poverty, we can work toward long-term success and real change in our community.

United Way of Greater Newark exists to improve the lives of individuals, children and families within our footprint to strengthen the collective community. We address the root causes of community concerns through programs and service initiatives.


United Way of Greater Newark (UWGN) is committed to making sure our young people have access to new books, internships and are engaged in positive youth development opportunities in schools and the community. We promote the importance of education by hosting programs like Celebrity Read, Multi-lingual Reading Day, Black Men Read Day and Holiday Read. Additionally, we distribute new books to students and community partners. Through Newark Thrives, we partner with network professionals to provide support for out-of-school time initiatives.


Our organization serves as a backbone agency guiding the Newark Asset Building Coalition (NABC). Together with our partners, we empower residents of Greater Newark to forge the pathway to financial stability by streamlining key financial services and programs, such as the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program (VITA), and by providing wrap-around opportunities for debt alleviation, wealth building and financial growth.


United Way of Greater Newark seeks to disrupt the cycle of poverty by addressing the social determinants of health. To that end, UWGN is a partner and investor of Believe in a Healthy Newark. Through this partnership, UWGN supports the work of addressing adverse childhood experiences, healthy homes, food insecurity and obesity. UWGN also supports local efforts to address the social determinants of health by providing support and guidance in the areas of food and fitness and mental health training.


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